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Foster and permanent homes for cats and kittens, dogs and puppies and sometimes bunnies and other animals
Food - wet and dry cat and dog food, bunny pellets and bird seed Cat litter and litter trays.
Food and water bowls. Even plastic water dishes eg ice cream containers, for the feral cats.
Help with driving to collect food, visit vets, collect and deliver animals, etc. Fund-raising. Admin. We need an auditor desperately.
Can anyone volunteer pro bono? Help with acquiring and installing a skylight and other maintenance work.
Cat carriers Cat and dog collars and leads
Help with cleaning Help with feeding the ferrals IDE hard drive

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paw 3


Yes, that's right.. we DO need your help. Our project is endless and we rely on support from peoplelike you to keep going. Part of supporting the Caspian Alexander Trust is not just digging into your pocket and donating (although we certainly appreciate it), it's also about joining the fun and pride of the project by purchasing some of the lovely merchandise below.. All orders are welcome and help uskeep our project on the go. Please, contact us with order information and we'll be happy to provide you some wonderful merchandise that shows you care...