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Caspian Alexander Trust

I first met Caspian in 1998 when I used to go to Darling once a week to rehearse for a play to be performed at the theatre there. I would stay in
a friend's cottage, De Kat Gebou, and next door, was the Nemesia Hotel.
One day, I saw cats sitting at the gate there and called. Caspian, a sturdy little black and white bundle of fur, came running eagerly and spent
the night with me . Everytime I went to Darling to rehearse, he would come and visit me in my cottage. It was only afterwards I learned that
when I wasn't there, he would wait at the door for me to arrive. When I did move into the cottage, he moved in with me (with permission from
The Nemesia Hotel). Every morning he would wake me up by climbing onto me and tickling my face with his
whiskers. Then I would serve his breakfast. He went around the cottage choosing "toys" for himself by batting them off my bookshelves with his paw. I had lost my four cats a couple of years previously and whenever I felt sad and missed them, he would comfort me with his antics.

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I remember the evening I came home and he wasn't there. I called and called and finally went to
bed but awoke every few hours, calling him again, to no avail. The next morning, a neighbour confessed
that another neighbour had had him confiscated by the SPCA. I hurried to the police station
knowing that in a small town like Darling, the police would "know all" and hastily they directed me to
the house of the SPCA officer in Darling who immediately took me to the SPCA where I found
Caspian, completely traumatised.Once home, he had a meal and played with his toys. That night
he lay beneath the covers with me and gratefully licked my hands all night. I never allowed him out
alone after that but would take him for walks on a little red harness.The day I moved from my little
cottage to one a little further up the road and Caspian saw my furniture disappearing, he went
berserk and cried and cried pitifully. When he saw me pick up his litter tray and food and water
bowls, he relaxed a little, feeling hope. Next I picked him up and put him on my bed in the new
bedroom. He fell into an exhausted and peaceful sleep. That night, he licked my face gratefully
all night.

When I moved from Darling, he wasn't at all perturbed to see boxes being packed. By then he knew how important he was to me and knew he
would be accompanying me. Even when he boarded at a vet for a few days until our new home was ready, he was quite content. Caspian and I
moved here to Woodstock in 2001. He had wanted a dog for a long time and so that year Florian James moved in and Caspian had a
friend to play tag with. The next year, he decided that he would accept Daisy-Jane as his friend and wife and then, gradually, everyone else
began to arrive. He took his duties as Trustee very seriously, doing his rounds and making sure newcomers were happy and well fed. All the other
cats knew who he was and would watch him with great respect. Caspian was, and is, special. I saw and still see him as a very evolved being.
For not one thought would I think but that he would know. On occasions, when a visitor would make a silly remark, he would give a derisive snort.
When I needed comfort, he would lie on me and comfort me. He would shower people he considered to have beneficent attitudes towards me with affection and glare formidably at those whose intentions he considered suspect. He became ill in December 2006. I knew his illness was terminal and my heart broke. But Caspian's didn't. He accepted his illness and forthcoming death with calm spiritual awareness and strength.Whilst his greatest fear had always been being taken from me, of separation from me, for him death was not such a separation. Even more he revealed to me how he knew my every thought and so I knew our relationship would continue beyond the gates of death. He died on July 13th 2007 and I laid him in a coffin with yellow roses and then I walked the streets in horrible and agonising grief. I walked and walked and then I think he walked me, for I found myself entering the gates of a church, St Agnes Catholic Church in Dublin St and I knocked on the door and it was answered and I must have looked terrible with grief for I was immediately ushered into a room. And then I wept in joy and amazement for on every chair were cushions and every cushion was embroidered with a cat. When Father Mark came in, I told him Caspian had brought me to this church and he wanted me to come to services there and he would come with me to each service, for the world of the dead and the living interweave.

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And so, every Friday evening, I attend the Mass at St Agnes and Caspian accompanies me and we look at the beautiful stained glass windows
together and continue to work together. He is with me all the time. Just as in life he would comfort me, so in death now, when I need him and call, he is with me. Together we continue to work for the good of all animals and for the Triumph of all Good on Earth.