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Caspian Alexander

The Caspian Alexander Trust is named after Caspian Alexander. He lived with Kairen in
Woodstock and when he was three years old; he made a decision. He had been deeply
saddened to meet so many of his furry friends who were neglected, hungry and sick. Both
he and Kairen couldn't be happy whilst others suffered and so the Caspian Alexander
Trust was formed.

Initially it was just Caspian Alexander and Kairen who took it upon themselves to feed
the hungry and tend to the sick. Their efforts inspired others and now many volunteers all
do their bit and now the quality of life has been improved for all.

Over 30 "used to be" stray cats live with Kairen. Accommodation is a little cramped as
you can imagine but until a proper shelter can be established everyone does what they
can to keep tempers down to a minimum.

Some of the cats and dogs that are cared for belong to very poor people and some are
stray. The Caspian Alexander Trust operates a daily "food on wheels" service to provide
for the wild cats who live in feral colonies.


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Home cat 3;

Other work also involves sterilizing cats and dogs. The Caspian Alexander Trust considers that stop-
ping the little ones from being born in the first place is much improved to killing little puppies and
kittens once they are born.

Your help in this regard is much needed. Some very kind vets helps us with special discounted rates of
R135 to R300 per neuter or spay but with literally hundreds of patients, the accumulated cost to the
Caspian Alexander Trust is enormous. so please help us with these financial considerations. Unwanted
births very often lead to a life of unhappiness, hunger, cold and abuse. A single donation on your part
of only R135 for one sterilization prevents 20 000 potential unwanted kittens being born. Your donation
makes a world of difference. Click on the DONATE link at the top of the page to help us now...

We would also be very grateful for any donation of food for the cats and dogs or for any other help
you could offer us to assist with fostering of the animals or even adoption or help with driving them to
the vet and back and fund-raising and many of us are also looking for a home.